A 50 State Challenge

The Game Plan

Dear America, it’s the 4th Quarter and we have the ball, so what’s the game plan?

The Game Plan is a national effort to raise funds and unite in executing 4 Key Plays to positively impact America and create a priceless positive ripple effect for entire communities and families across all 50 states.

4 Key Plays

In 2023 our country is at a turning point: Politically, socially and with America’s role in the world. With so much censorship and media deception, The Game Plan is a powerful way to get educated, make your voice heard, protect our God-given freedoms and make a difference!

We are also excited to announce a national challenge for states to compete against each other. Each state will have a minimum of 1,000 coaches and players volunteer to run all 4 plays before July 15th 2023. This will culminate in the 2nd Annual Maine Freedom Rally on July 22nd in Ellsworth, Maine.

Your financial offering will be used to spread the truth, unite patriots across the country and fight for our Constitutional freedoms.

For volunteer coaches and players in all 50 States with Four Plays to run:

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

Your Invitation from organizers of The Game Plan

Your invitation has arrived and we need volunteers to help us spread the word in all 50 states!
The Flame News, The Angry Citizen and OhioBrett are like minded with the goal to serve others and have joined forces to share this Game Plan. We believe, when performed will have a priceless positive ripple effect for entire communities and families. Learn more about us below:

True and accurate information has been actively suppressed to keep the people of our great nation in the dark and to serve the ruling elite’s agenda. 

Our solution is to reach beyond censorship and the multibillion-dollar corporate narratives with an old school idea: A physical print paper that offers views, commentary and resources to promote critical thinking and help ordinary citizens hold our elected representatives accountable to the People.

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Anna & Nicole

Spreading the Truth like Wildfire!
A print newspaper in today's digital world?
Take 90 seconds, watch and see why ...

Founded by Anna Kane and Nicole Orozco, The Flame News was created to oppose censorship in the mainstream media and report true and accurate information. After only two years, they are among the hottest and fastest growing political reporting networks in the country, including insightful “Flamethrower Podcasts” where Anna and Nicole interview today’s patriots and newsmakers. TheFlameUSA.com.

For God and Country in Sports

Brett Bohl, From Dublin Ohio, Nicknamed Ohio Brett, on a Full Time Mission Uniting all 50 States, Center Left & Right, All Race Color & Creed With a Game Plan to Encourage, Recruit, and Get Funds Out at the Local Level.

Brett hosts a 15 minute Pep Talk Call every day at 1PM Eastern:

Friends, these are beyond serious times we live in and we invite you to join us by running these 4 plays that will complete the Game Plan and be a huge impact for your family and entire community. The time is now to get off the bench and into the game! Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

I am the co-founder of TheChristianRevolution.net where we ask the question who is funding good?  In these chaotic times it truly is a spiritual battle of good vs. evil and not just a political fight. 

Thank you and I hope to connect with you soon!

Join the 15 minute Pep Talk Call every day @ 1pm EST

Hosted by OhioBrett.com

Please get involved by reaching out to your local sheriff and let him or her know of your concern for our country and the protection of our constitutional liberties. See HERE for a sample email (or letter) you can send.

It's time to reign in our government and hold them accountable

Dana Callan, AKA “The Angry Citizen”, has been a national force to bring awareness to our constitutional rights and the importance of our county sheriffs in safeguarding our individual liberties in today’s environment of government overreach and corruption.

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